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  Book #3 in the Dilemmas Series


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Sheena's Dilemma
(It's Better To Marry Than To Burn)

Title: Sheena's Dilemma
Author: Reign
Publisher: Dreams Publishing Co.
Imprint: Dreams Books
ISBN-13: 978-0978897703
Publication Date: 02/2008

Description:  Sheena's Dilemma: It's Better To Marry Than To Burn, is the third installment in the Dilemma Series that features lifelong friends Ivy, Jade, Sheena, and Miranda - four women from Camden, New Jersey who navigate the rugged terrains of life through their faith in God to prevail over unpredictable circumstances. Sheena Daniels, the naturally beautiful and over opinionated protagonist who was first introduced in Ivy's Dilemma: Thy Will Be Done, as the government lawyer, has been afraid to commit romantically to her co-worker and friend, Jason Jackson. Sheena realizes that love is more than just feelings, and finally deciphers her way to true love and happiness while healing from injuries she sustained from a brutal attack.





























Ivy's Dilemma (Thy Will Be Done) $12.00

Publisher:  Dreams Publishing Co. ISBN Complete:  0-9770936-0-3 Title: 

Ivy's Dilemma (Thy Will Be Done)

Publication Date:  8/15/2005

Language:  English

Price: $12.00 US

After 11 years of marriage Ivy Jones-Miller is force to file for a divorce from her childhood sweetheart Raymond Miller. Before the documents are filed at the courthouse her husband is killed in an automobile accident. Through the love and dedication of her friends, Ivy is able to survive the turmoil and scrutiny forced upon her by her late husband's family after his untimely death.


From Crack Addict To Pastor

Publisher:  Dreams Publishing Co.

Title:  From Crack Addict to Pastor

ISBN Complete:  0-9770936-3-8

Price: $12.00 US

Publication Date:  12/15/2005

Language:  English 

Pastor Karen Sills describes her years of substance abuse in this dramatized rendition of her life. She gives detailed accounts of how drug addiction impacted her life and the lives of the people she loves dearly. Through this book she shows just how merciful God truly is and because of His mercy and grace, she is delivered from prostitution, lesbianism, imprisonment and drug addiction.

The Homecoming
Publisher:  Dreams Publishing Co.
Imprint:  Dreams Publishing Co.
ISBN/SKU:  0977093670
ISBN Complete:  0-9770936-7-0
Title:  The Homecoming
Publication Date:  6/15/2006
Language:  English
Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
Price: $13.99 US

Tragedy turns to blessing when a despondent, desperate young pioneer woman finds herself alone and in crisis in an unfamiliar place. Faced with a decision she never thought she'd have to make, she learns that God's grace is not just sufficient but abounding, and that all things work together for good if only she can learn to trust.



Perfect Love
Publisher:  Dreams Publishing Co.
Imprint:  Dreams Publishing Co.
ISBN/SKU:  0977093646
ISBN Complete:  0-9770936-4-6
Title:  Perfect Love
Publication Date:  8/1/2006
Language:  English
Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
Price: 13.00 US

Breanna Walker has idolized her father, Will, all her life. Through the years, she's watched his quiet gentleness, his steadfast faith in God, and his overwhelming love for her mother, Cleotyne, grow stronger with time. Cleotyne Walker, a beautiful singing superstar that loves her family, tours the world over, thriving on applause and devotion from adoring fans. When she returns home unexpectedly from one of her concert tours with a surprise, her marriage is threatened and her own sanity is stretched to the limits. Breanna's one dream is to find that special love by a man who's as wonderful as her father. But the secret that has been hidden for years surfaces, likely to destroy her dreams of forever after in a Perfect Love.



 Victory Day By Day
Publisher:  Dreams Publishing Co.
Imprint:  Dreams Publishing Co.
ISBN/SKU:  0977093689
ISBN Complete:  0-9770936-8-9
Title:  Victory Day By Day
Publication Date:  8/1/2006
Language:  English
Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
Price: $6.99 US

Victory Day By Day is a personal collection of affirmations for achieving and living a victorious life through the spoken word. It is meant to increase the faith of the reader and to fortify them with vocal power over life's daily adversities and challenges. Victory is achieved gradually, day by day, and each victory will lead to spiritual growth with unlimited possibilities. Keep VICTORY IN YOUR VIEW!

  Book #2 in the Dilemmas Series

The book can also be pre-ordered online at Barnes and Noble click here!

 Release Date October 15, 2006
Jade's Dilemma
(Lead Us Not Into Temptation)

Title: Jade's Dilemma (Lead us Not into Temptation)
Author: Reign
Publisher: Dreams Publishing Co.
Imprint: Dreams Books
ISBN/SKU: 0977093654
ISBN Complete: 0-9770936-5-4
Publication Date: 10/2006

Description:  Jade Sanders have worked most of her adult life to correct the mistakes she made as a youth. She has kept details about her past secret from her friends and the man she loves. But after a ghost from Jade's past shows up at her front door, she is forced to face the very things she's kept. Jade is force to make choices she ordinarily wouldn't have in order to protect the ones she loves.







The book can also be pre-ordered online at Barnes and Noble click here!

All In The Family
an Anthology

Title: All In The Family
Author: Janice Sims, Melanie Schuster and Maxine Thompson
Publisher: Dreams Publishing Co.
Imprint: Dreams Books
ISBN/SKU: 097709362
ISBN Complete: 0-9770936-6-2
Publication Date: 04/2007
The Johnson sisters haven't been home to tiny Mason Corners, South Carolina for a long time. Their mother, Sara, feeling neglected, gives them an ultimatum: Come to the family reunion...OR ELSE!!!

Description:  In Janice Sims's MOMMA'S BABY, DADDY'S MAYBE, perfect wife and mother, Candace, 41, of Charleston, has to come to terms with the nasty paternity rumors that have been making the rounds in the family since she was a child. And Angela, 25, a super-model wannabe in Miami want to come home, but what will the man she left behind do when she tells him what she had to do to survive while they were apart?

In WHERE MY HEART IS Melanie Schuster gives us a glimpse into the life of A-personality Sharon, 32, a successful New York City television producer who has excelled at everything she's ever tried. What drives her to always be on top? And in striving for perfection has she missed the signals her handsome co-worker has been sending for two years now? She finds out when she asks him to pose as her man at the family reunion.

And in Maxine Thompson's SUMMER OF SALVATION Debra, 35, a casting director in Hollywood brings her Mexican-American husband home for the first time. They eloped, and her mother has never forgiven her for it. Will her mother be able to get over hurt feelings? Or will there be a showdown during the festivities?

Whatever happens at the Johnson Family Reunion, you know that it will be kept "All In The Family."

In This Section:

All In The Family
Ivy's Dilemma
Jade's Dilemma
Sheena's Dilemma
The Homecoming
Perfect Love
From Crack Addict To Pastor


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